6 awesome escaperooms to promote listening and reading in English

No siempre es fácil inspirar la lectura y la escucha activa en el aula, especialmente en una lengua extranjera. El deseo de aventura, los rompecabezas y las historias emocionantes ayudan: ¡todo esto también se puede encontrar en las escaperuzas online!

After I was approached by a colleague about escape rooms, I looked to see what was actually available online, as escape rooms can of course also be played virtually.

I particularly like the escape rooms from Enigmap, which you can play with your students free of charge. They currently offer six stories with a duration of 1 to 2 hours. I have played all of them, they are exciting, audiovisually prepared and illustrated with love, and they encourage children to listen and read.

For a fee of 10 euros per team, you can also play each of the stories in a team against each other. A similar effect can also be created in the classroom by forming groups.

A big bonus of Enigmap: their collection of hundreds of interesting group games, many of which are also suitable for teaching.