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Attention, frustrated teachers drowning in piles of correction work and witnessing slow progress in their students’ writing skills! I have an exciting solution to your struggles. Imagine a magical website where children can practice writing in English, tailor the difficulty level, choose their preferred topics and text types, and receive instant feedback from an intelligent AI. Not only that, but they can also revise and refine their texts in small steps, paving their way to perfection. Sounds too good to be true? Prepare to be amazed!

Unleash the Power of Engaging English Writing! We all know the importance of strong writing skills in today’s world. However, teaching writing effectively can be an arduous task for even the most dedicated educators. The online platform aims to transform the writing experience for both students and teachers alike. And if only there was a similar platform for German as a foreign language learners… a wish worth mentioning!

On the website powered by University of Cambridge students can take control of their learning journey. They can select their desired difficulty level, ensuring a suitable challenge that promotes growth without overwhelming them. Whether they’re beginners or advanced writers, this platform caters to all proficiency levels.

Engaging young minds is crucial to foster a love for writing. This website offers a vast range of topics and text types, from imaginative stories and persuasive essays to descriptive poems and informative articles. Students can unleash their creativity, explore their interests, and develop a deeper understanding of various writing styles.

Formación en IA para colegios y universidades

Intelligent Feedback for Steady Progress! Say goodbye to time-consuming manual corrections and hello to instant feedback from an advanced AI system. As students submit their work, the AI analyzes their writing, highlighting areas for improvement and offering constructive suggestions. This personalized feedback not only saves teachers’ time but also helps students grasp writing concepts more effectively.

One of the most remarkable features of this platform is its emphasis on the writing process. Students can revise and refine their work in small, manageable steps, gradually improving their texts. This iterative approach allows them to understand the impact of each modification and develop their editing skills.

So why wait? Embark on this extraordinary writing adventure with your students today, and watch their skills soar to new heights!

The remaining question for me is why I am not aware of any comparable product from the German-speaking world? Do you know one? Then please leave a comment here!

And here’s a bonus tip. If you also have students writing on the computer and are drowning in paperwork, ChatGTP can help, too. With the properly defined prompt, Chat GTP will highlight discrepancies in any text and suggest corrections.

Try the following for a start on ChatGTP.

Assume the role of an EFL teacher. Based on the following B1-level essay, highlight any grammar or spelling mistakes, display them in a table and provide the student suggestions of how to improve his writing.

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