30 Beiträge zum KI-gestützten Unterricht mit Curipod – Das war die Curicon 2023

Heute schliesst die Curicon 2023 nach 5 intensiven Tagen und 30 spannenden Beiträgen.

Für mich waren viele der 30 Vorträge zu den unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten der Einbettung des KI-basierten Lernwerkzeugs Curipod in den Unterricht wirklich hilfreich. Es ist interessant, zu sehen, wie andere Leute mit KI im Klassenraum spielen. Es war auch angenehm, zu merken, dass nicht die Expertenrolle einzelner Vortragender im Vordergrund der Konferenz stand, sondern vielmehr die kreative Anwendung in vielen verschiedenen Lernumgebungen wie Erwachsenenbildung oder Fremdsprachenunterricht und entsprechenden Schwerpunkten in der Lehre.

Über diesen Link hast du Zugriff auf eine Materialsammlung zu Curipod und zur Konferenz. Auf YouTube hast du über diesen Link Zugriff auf alle aufgezeichneten Vorträge der Konferenz.

Komm am kommenden Wochenende gern auf die Konferenz der Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer in Chile an der Universität Concepción – dort spreche ich zur Anwendung von Curipod im Aufbau schriftsprachlicher Kompetenz in DaF. Darüber hinaus stelle ich dir gern nach dem Vortrag einen kostenfreien Premium-Account bei Curipod für deine eigene Arbeit zur Verfügung.

Rock on!

Formación en IA para colegios y universidades

Meine Highlights von der Curicon 2023

Wenn Curipod noch Neuland für dich ist, du interessiert bist, empfehle ich das Anschauen der folgenden Highlights der Curicon in chronologischer Reihenfolge.

EduProtocols have won the hearts of educators worldwide, but imagine how much smoother your lesson prep, correction process, and slide sharing could be with the magic touch of Curipod! In this session, Jon will walk you through the incredible synergy of EduProtocols and Curipod, making your teaching experience not just easier, but downright awesome. Discover insider tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will revolutionize the way you approach lesson planning and assessment. Learn how the dynamic duo of EduProtocols and Curipod can transform your classroom, making teaching and learning more engaging and efficient than ever before.
Ever wondered how Curipod can streamline your teaching process? Leslie Fisher will conduct a rapid walkthrough, demonstrating how Curipod enables teachers to construct entire lessons seamlessly. No lengthy demonstrations, just pure efficiency – because we believe in giving teachers more time to connect with their students.
Join Eirik Hernes Berre and Amanda Fox for Day 4 Session 2 as they walk through the best features of Curipod and showcase turn key lessons of how to use AI Feedback to reinvent the writing workshop. They will discuss the pedagogics behind the platform, and how to get started making curious lessons for student engagement and agency.
Meet Michael Fricano, our guide from Hawaii, as he unravels the transformative potential of AI in the classroom. In this session, discover how Artificial Intelligence can be your ally, dissecting news stories and crafting them into tailored lesson plans within 5 minutes or less! Say goodbye to the days of hours spent researching; AI is here to make your lesson planning efficient and effective. We’ll also explore how AI enhances media literacy among students. Equip your learners with critical analysis skills, ensuring they can discern credible news sources from the noise. Plus, witness the power of AI in offering real-time feedback, ensuring your lessons not only hit the mark but also resonate with your students.

Hier findest du alle Links und Materialien zu dieser Session.

In this session, Shelley will empower educators with actionable strategies for using Curipod to amplify the educational impact of picture books. Discover how to create interactive modules centered around popular children’s books, reinforcing essential skills like vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking.
Who says math is boring?!?! With Curipod at your fingertips, add fun, interactive elements that are sure to heighten student engagement. No more boring presentations droning on like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Students will be collaborating and competing to show their true math super powers!
Join Heather Brantley as she embarks on an exciting adventure with us to explore nurturing curiosity and unleashing creativity in Curipod. Discover how it transforms learning experiences and revolutionizes classrooms. Join us in embracing the thrill of trying new things!
Get ready to bridge the gap between student experiences and teacher readiness. This session promises a glimpse into the students’ world, shedding light on their preferences and expectations. Don’t miss this enlightening opportunity to enhance your understanding and make the most of Curipod in your classrooms!
Imagine teaching a topic to your students and seamlessly evaluating their understanding, all while adhering to the UDL framework. Discover how to provide timely, meaningful feedback, monitor your students’ performance, and track their progress effortlessly. This session isn’t just theoretical – it’s hands-on, packed with real-world examples and actionable insights.

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